Sunday, October 4, 2009

Homecoming Queen 2009

Homecoming King & Queen Kelcie Brimhall & Tarrin Tanner
Kelcie & Teague

Homecoming King & Queen: Kelcie Brimhall, Tarrin Tanner and Crown Bearers
Katie Penrod and Teague Reidhead

Kelcie Ann

Friends Brittany, Jac, Kelcie and Jessica

Kelcie & Coltyn

Kelcie and Courtney

Mom with mum & her royal highness

Family: Kaylyn, Kelcie, Trent and Brooklyn

We had a busy weekend, Kelcie had volleyball games against the Payson Longhorns on Thursday and won in 3 sets. Friday was the Homecoming assembly where she was crowned Homecoming Queen. Trent and Kaylyn came up Thursday night and was there for all the festivities. Friday night was our Homecoming Football Game, we won 31 to 0. (Yeah LOBOS) After the game Kelcie and Coltyn went to the dance, then on to Dennys with friends for breakfast! Saturday we listened to mornings session of Conference, went fishing at decker pit, out to eat and bowling. It was a fun and eventful weekend and we had one tired Queenie come Saturtday night!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our 4 Adorable Grandchildren

The 4 most awesome grandkids in the world!!!
I guess we are not partical at all!!!

We love and miss you guys!
Papa & Gram

is very layed back,
handsome, smart, obedient
and he loves to tease!

Hmmm, wonder where he
gets that from?....

is very courious,
lots of energy,
loves to explore,
high spirited
and a real beauty!

Her Papa calls her his "Cutie Pie"
She quickly tells him
" No, I not a Cutie Potty!"

is our little Doll, she is always so happy, very very busy
and super inquizative and has a smile
that melts our hearts!

She will have her First Birthday
in November!
is so adorable, content, happy
cuddley, and is smiling
alot now and rolling over!

He is almost 5 months old
and we haven't seen him in 4 months! But we keep up on him from their blog

Kelcie's Volleyball Tournament

The Lobo volleyball team held their first annual tournament in the new gym this year and they won! THe trophy is almost six feet tall! They were super excited. They ended up playing eight games throughout the weekend. I think there was about ten teams there. They ended up playing Holbrook three times inlcuding the championship game.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Better Late Than Never

This has been a long time in coming!
Thank Goodness for Blogs!!
Since all our BOYS and their FAMILIES live so far away from us now,and we don't get to see them very often, we have to use the next best thing...BLOGS! We get on their Blogs to see how each of their families are doing! We get such joy in seeing them and our Beautiful GRANDCHILDREN on their blogs and they all do such an awesome job at keeping them updated ( great job girls!) I will try to do the same!

Now for an UPDATE:

ROBBIE is currrently serving in the San Bernardino, California Mission, right now he is on a bike in Apple Valley and says it very HOT!

KELCIE is a Senior in high school this year and is dual enrolled in college working on her 2 year degree, preparing for the Nursing Program. She also is on the Varsity Volley Ball Team!

KEITH & SHARI we are missing our kids terribly but also enjoying having Kelcie still at home!
We are so looking forward to Christmas when all our kids will be home for the holidays (except Robbie of course) and we can hardly wait to talk to him on Christmas Morning!!